GPS Tracking Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Know what’s going on in real-time so your fleet can operate more efficiently



Montior the speed of your drivers using Australian Speed Limits


Regardless which vehicle has been taken you now know who is driving


See how much each trip is costing you using live fuel prices


Get a detailed report on each trip a vehicle makes


Have the information on when your vehicles are coming up for servicing


Review specific activity, daily routes and stops, and a summary of activity at a key locations


Stay current on what's occurring with live mapping of your driver's real-time positions


Replay the activity of your vehicles in a breadcrumb view for the 3 months


Plug & Play GPS Tracker

Rugged and installs in seconds with no installation costs. No external antennas with everything built inside. Everything included from $31.95 per month.

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Asset GPS Tracker

Portable Solar GPS tracker with no installation, small in size and can send a position once per day for three years. Tracking starting at $8.95 per month.

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Hard-Wired GPS Tracker

Hard-wired tracker for vehicles, trucks or equipment that doesn't have an OBDII port or external inputs needs to monitored. Starting at $29.95 per month.

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Our Clients

Want to try our GPS tracking system


Live Tracking

Watch your vehicle in real-time move along the map using our Live Drive technology

Live Trafic Cameras

Double check how the traffic is moving by looking live at traffic cameras now

Premium Google Maps

We are an authorised Google Maps Premium Partner so you get the highest quality images and user experience

Google Street View

We provide Google Street View so you can zoom to where your vehicle is and look at the area around it

Live Incidents

Get alerts as incidents are reported and see them on the map

The Power of Partnership

Telemax and Telstra enable a solid coverage throughout Australia

Telemax works with Microsoft Azure to maintain first class SLAs across the globe and keep expanding our capabilities.

Thanks to being a Premium Google Enterprise service provider, we can offer mapping technologies others can't to give you real-time information that's easy to understand.