Fleet Dashboard

Fleet Driving Condition

Learn how your fleet operates, using the dashboard see the amount time your fleet spends while driving in the suburbs, city or on the highway.

Service Center

See at a glance if any of your fleet is overdue for servicing, tyre rotations, insurance renewal, registration and other essential services.

Speed Incidents

Get a complete breakdown of where your fleet travels over the legal speed limit. Once the system has identified the speed ranges it's much easier to train your team to reduce speeding and diminishes the risk of an accident.

Fuel Usage

See how much fuel is being consumed and costing your company in real time. See how this corresponds to the usage over the last day, week or month.

Fleet Usage

Know how much usage your fleet is operating at. Being able to see this can help determine how to balance how many vehicles are actually required to operate at the optimised level.


Know how many trips your fleet makes over the last 24 hours, week, month and see how this compares to the previous time.

Speed Scoring

Every vehicle is monitored and given a score using our specially designed formula. This shows you how they performed using their current location and the speed limit. We then combine these scores to give your fleet an overall rating so you can then improve this over time.

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The Power of Partnership

Telemax and Telstra enable a solid coverage throughout Australia

Telemax works with Microsoft Azure to maintain first class SLAs across the globe and keep expanding our capabilities.

Thanks to being a Premium Google Enterprise service provider, we can offer mapping technologies others can't to give you real-time information that's easy to understand.