GPS Plug N Play Tracker

Precise Positions

The GPS Plug N Play Tracker gives you the ability to track your vehicle with a precision of  2 meters using GPS & AGPS.

Connect & Go

No installation experience is required to install the device. Locate the vehicle's OBDII port and connect the GPS plug n play tracker into the port and you are finished.


Be notified when the vehicle goes over a maximum speed or breaks the speed limit of a road they are travelling.

Recording Trips

Have detailed trip reports to identify precisely when your team arrived at a destination, how long it took them and what time they were at that location.
GPS Plug N Play Tracker

Driver Behaviour

Gain real-time knowledge about your driver, identifying unique driving patterns.

Back Up Battery

Battery time is critical when it comes to monitoring your people. The tracking unit has a lithium-ion back up battery in case the main power is cut or disconnected.

Fuel Usage

Get real clarity inside where fuel is being misused and break your operators bad habits promptly.

Fleet Service

Know when your vehicle is due for its next service or when alerted when your registration is comeng up before it expires.


Can I use my OBD Plug & Play tracker in more than one vehicles?

Yes moving the tracker in-between cars is straightforward and quick. Simply unplug the device, locate the OBD2 port in the new vehicle and connect the tracker. Next, change the details of the vehicle in the Telemax software.

Will the OBD Plug & Play tracker drain my car's battery?

The OBD2 Plug & Play tracker is specifically designed to minimise battery draining. The tracker can stay connected to a car for weeks without affecting your battery.

Will I know if the tracker is unplugged and can I hide it?

The OBD2 Plug & Play tracker has a backup battery built inside, so if the unit is disconnected from the main power of the vehicle the device will also send out an alert. The device comes with Y cable which means it can be hidden behind the dash if required.

How hard is it to install the tracking device?

Anyone can install the device and no installation experience is required, first find the OBD2 port in your vehicle which normal near the vehicle's pedals push the tracker onto the port and that's it.

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Easily Make Your Car a Smart Car

Our Plug & Play devices are easy to install and easy to use. Get connected in 3 easy steps.

Order Tracking Unit

Plug in the Tracking Unit

Go for a drive

Simple Installation

One-time self-installation - easy to install, no mechanic
Works with most cars since 1996, including all the main vehicle brands.

Getting your GPS vehicle tracking for your fleet has never been simpler, using our GPS plug n play tracker and fleet management software you will have the knowledge to make your fleet sharper, productive and more efficient having the right information in front of you. This GPS tracker fits onto the OBD plug which is located on all vehicles and semi-commercials manufactured after the year 1996. The OBDII plug is simple to find and fitting the tracker is as easy as pushing the device onto the plug which means you can be tracking your entire fleet in minutes. Our GPS plug n play tracker also has the possibility of using our exclusive Y cable which provides you with the capability to hide it up behind the dash and keeps the OBDII plug free. Remember you can't manage what you can't see so take the guess work out of what your fleet is doing right now and start making decisions based on the real information provided by the easy to use Telemax GPS tracking system.

Install in minutes. No experience required.