GPS Vehicle Tracking: The Advantages of Geo-fencing

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GPS Tracking Geo-fencing

When it comes to tracking the fleets real-time position, Geo-fencing produces some significant benefits. Geo-fencing enables fleets to follow the particular vehicle and operator movements.

Telemax GPS Geo-fence tracking may contain reports including how long vehicles have been outside a geofenced area which also identifies the possibility of unnecessary vehicle use and could save fuel and dramatically saving money. Geo-fencing can provide many businesses with the option to reduce their workers time that is logged and time taken in filling them out as they are aware when their workers arrive and depart from job sites automatically.

How to Reduce Fuel Lose using Geo-fencing

Using geo-fencing can produce a complete insight on how a fleet is performing in real time,  this helps you identify quickly any fuel lose. If an asset is taken out of a geofence during an after-hours period, you can immediately confirm in the Telemax GPS tracking system whether it is an employee and take action if required.

Using of Company Assets Correctly

Monitoring your vehicle movement inside and outside of geofenced locations can help to register suitable or inappropriate asset use within your company. Knowing improper asset use helps prevent fuel theft and private journeys,  which in turn decreases overall fleet costs.


Geo-fencing enables fleet handlers to confirm that workers are ensuring optimised routes and spending their time sensibly. If an emergency situation occurs, you can immediately identify the right person to attend working on their real-time GPS position which is being real-time tracked. Instead of calling your workers and asking for their position, you can instantly look at the latest position inside the Telemax system and take action straight away.

Looking after your Workers Safety using Geo-fencing

By monitoring in real-time the current position of your workers and company assets, your personal and assets will immediately see the benefits and become overall safer. If there is an accident, you can locate your drivers quickly and identify if they are in crisis and need help fast. Gain exceptional clarity and increase safety by building geofences for your fleet with Telemax.  Having GPS Tracking in our fleet will not only give you peace of mind but also help you monitor and manage your fleet more efficiently but with having to micromanage. For more information visit

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