Driver Accountability – What’s really going on?

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Driver accountability

Driver accountability is critical to the health and sustainability of any business.   It generates reliability, consistency and -most importantly- results!

Too many businesses have suffered preventable losses to their brand reputation, their bottom line or their overall asset position simply because they didn’t realise what was really going on out in the field.   They thought they could trust their staff, yet they had no idea how much impact they suffered from a few drivers ‘bending the rules’.

Telemax creates driver accountability.

Our innovative GPS tracking system empowers businesses to know what’s going on – anywhere, anytime.   Telemax clients have told us they sleep better at night because they now don’t have to worry about what their drivers are doing.  They can now see drivers who had been using business cars in personal  hours.  They realised which drivers were finishing work too early.  They could see why sales were down because drivers weren’t following company strategies.

  • Want to know vehicle locations at all times? – you need Telemax,
  • Want to see a report highlighting speeding drivers? – you need Telemax.
  • Want a historical list of trips including location, time and duration? – you need Telemax
  • Want to instantly know when drivers enter designated areas? – you need Telemax
  • What to know how much each trip costs? – you need Telemax
  • Want real time alerts for harsh acceleration, cornering and braking? – you need Telemax
  • Want to see how much $$ is being wasted from idling? – you need Telemax.
  • Want to see when your drivers are stuck in traffic in real time? – you need Telemax

For only $29.95 a month* (tracker included) you can join the many businesses that have taken the guess work out of managing their most valuable assets.   What’s even better, within a very short time, you will find that the unit is paying for itself by reclaiming those lost profits.

Telemax is designed to equip you to restore accountability and responsibility into your business.

Speak with Ash Phayer on 07 3852 6886 – with years of experience in the tracking industry – he can help your business today.

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