Engine idling – decrease across your fleet

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engine idling

Engine Idling and how it affects your fleet

Engine idling and the impression it has on the climate is a heated issue at the moment. The government and local authorities are examining into channels to analyse and improve driver habits and promote people to consider how they can decrease their emissions footprint.

For a company overcoming engine idling can unlock the doors to a variety of advantages and is a sure way to build a greener and more productive fleet. It may be time for your company to take the direction in the transition.

Is has been supported by the South Australian Government that an average light vehicle uses around 50¢ worth of fuel and emits about 1 kgCO2e of greenhouse gases for every ten minutes of idling – these figures could be double for heavy vehicles.

How can your company reduce engine idling now?

If your business has a fleet, then you may want to consider actions now that will decrease or reduce engine idling. This can begin by solely educating staff. If staff are taught on the benefits of reducing engine idling, this can go some of the ways. In many circumstances though, undesired driving attitudes are acquired over time, and the driver may not even notice them. This is where a GPS fleet management system can be a great help.

With a smart featured fleet tracking system and a GPS Tracker, like Telemax, fleet managers can be warned to any periods of engine idling and who the person is that is driving. The date, time and location are available to be examined within the tracking site or downloaded in a report format and shared with the driver. This can also be a valuable tool adjacent to driver scorecards that encourage safer driving methods and many companies then use these scorecards to incentivise smoother driving.

By understanding the driver behaviour of your fleet, you will be ready to use this summary to produce better driving practices that encourage lower fuel and maintenance costs, reduce the risk of a collision and perhaps most importantly, decrease the carbon footprint. As companies come under more stress to run greener fleets, a modern fleet management system can be the comprehensive accessory to help you accomplish this.

To discover more about how the Telemax fleet management system can decrease engine idling and undesired driving practices across your fleet, please contact our office on T: +07 3106 0100.

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