Questions: Whats a Plug & Play GPS Tracker

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Plug N Play GPS Tracker

Benitifis of an OBD2 GPS Tracker

There are many reasons of why you would want to install a GPS tracker, and each organisation is different on what they want to obtain out of using a GPS tracking system. Some of the reason that a company would invest in a tracking fleet management platform can be that they want to find their assets at any time as well as work out where they have been and how long they were there for. Another instance would be that they want a GPS tracking system that will notify them of driver behaviour and be notified if an event has happened so they can deal with it immediately. Using a Plug and Play GPS Tracker can get you up and running swiftly and monitoring your fleet in real time and give you these benefits instantly.

So what is a Plug & Play GPS tracker and how does it work

Any vehicle that was made after 1996 should have an OBD2 port which is located typically close the vehicle steering wheel. The OBD2 port is used by your car dealership or mechanic to connect to your car’s computer to clear engine codes or see what has been occurring inside your vehicle. By using this port, we can plug the device straight into this plug and be tracking in less than a minute which saves any installation costs and also can be moved to another vehicle at a later stage. Once the GPS Tracker is installed, you will log onto your Telemax tracking account, and you’re up and running to manage your fleet.


How hard is it to install a Plug & Play GPS Tracker

Anyone can install the device, and no installation experience is required, first find the OBD2 port in your vehicle which normal near the vehicle’s pedals push the tracker onto the port, and that’s it.

How much does it cost?

There are two options the first is paying for the device upfront and owing it outright and not being on contract and only paying for the monthly subscription plan which can be cancelled at any-time. The second option is being signed up on a 24-month deal which includes the GPS tracker and the monthly subscription at the end of the contract you will own the device outright.

Can I use my OBD Plug & Play GPS tracker in more than one vehicles?

Yes moving the tracker in-between cars is straightforward and quick. Just unplug the device, locate the OBD2 port in the new vehicle and connect the tracker. Next, change the details of the car in the Telemax software.

Will the OBD Plug & Play GPS tracker drain my car’s battery?

The OBD2 Plug & Play GPS tracker is specifically designed to minimise battery draining. The tracker can stay connected to a car for weeks without affecting your battery.

Will I know if the GPS tracker is unplugged and can I hide it?

The OBD2 Plug & Play tracker has a backup battery built inside, so if the unit is disconnected from the main power of the vehicle, the device will also send out an alert. The device comes with Y cable which means it can be hidden behind the dash if required.

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