RCM Connects with Telemax GPS Fleet Management

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GPS Fleet Management

Telemax a GPS Fleet Management company and Rental Car Manager (RCM) a Vehicle Rental Platform have been working closely in developing a powerful partnership and have grown together an intelligent API to share live vehicle data that can be seen inside the RCM software. Rental Car Manager (RCM) is a comprehensive end to end solution for Australia & Overseas rental car operations. Their intelligent software platform quickly integrates with rental car companies to implement them with a turnkey solution so they can focus on their core business of hiring out vehicles.

Once a Telemax Plug & Play GPS Tracker has been installed which shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute the vehicles tracking data is passed through to the RCM software. Some of the information that is sent from the GPS tracker can include the following;

  • Live positions of where the vehicle is at one point and replay where its been.
  • All trip records of the start and stop locations with the kilometres travelled.
  • Live alerts if a vehicle has been driving into areas that are “No Go Areas” which can be part of rental agreements.
  • Live speeding incidents if a car travels over a predefined speed.
  • Real-Time alerts if a battery is going flat or drops below a predefined voltage.
  • The current vehicle’s odometer reading.
  • Live engine warnings from the vehicles computer such as engine lights or airbag warnings
  • Prompt alerts if the GPS Plug & play tracker unit is being tampered with.
  • Know how far away a vehicle is from being returned using real-time traffic.

With this type of information rental companies now have far greater visibility of how their assets are being used once they have been hired and gone on the open road. They can identify when problems may occur in advance and consequently limit substantial maintenance costs and conflicts.  Not only do you have access to this information inside the Rental Car Manager software but you also get full access to the Telemax’s GPS Fleet Management portal.

More information can be found on the Rental Car Manager website.

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