GPS Tracking Fleet Management

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GPS tracking fleet management

Why should my company invest in a GPS tracking fleet management system and what is the difference between vehicle trackers and vehicle tracking phone apps?

We usually get possible clients communicating with us needing to know the variations between vehicle trackers and a  phone app that they can download on their smart device. Usually, it seems, it is wrongly assumed a connected vehicle tracker can operate in a comparable way to a mobile phone GPS tracking app; however, the technology is genuinely very distinctive. So the question that needs to be asked does my company need a GPS tracking fleet management system?

Which one should you pick vehicle trackers or a phone app?

Well, the result depends on what you are attempting to accomplish.  If you are trying to track your mobile employees than the app might be satisfactory. However, if you want to observe driver performance, fuel loss and have accurate route replays, you’ll need a connected vehicle tracker. When measuring up, your choices make sure that price alone is not the drive to your settlement or you might end up undergoing disappointed.

What will a mobile phone tracker app offer my business?

You might choose to use a  phone app for the efficiency of no installation in your vehicles. Nonetheless, if you are striving to keep track of a fleet, it isn’t a solid choice. Loss of signal could determine that you can’t regularly obtain the position of your fleet or that portions of the trip aren’t recorded at all. As the vehicle tracker device is the driver’s smartphone, then the GPS can just be switched off if they want to prevent their organisation tracking them. A GPS app can also consume your employee’s phone battery so unless they turn up to work with a completely charged battery each day you run the uncertainty of their phone running dead.

You additionally run the risk of your company getting left behind. If your rivals are utilising more advanced GPS tracking fleet management systems, and they plausible are, they’ll be eliminating paperwork, improving route performance and hold insight into undesired driver behaviours.

It might feel like the more costly prospect but it will drive across your company and will give you a notable return on your bottom line.

Gain revenue

A GPS tracking fleet management system combined with vehicle trackers allows companies to be much more farsighted in how they program trips. Fleet managers can optimise planning too by allocating jobs to idle fleet vehicles or that are inside the nearest vicinity or travel time to the place. Overall the number of jobs and journeys can be decreased by strategically planning the workload. By maximising the workday, your vehicles will be able to achieve more jobs and boost income.

Gain insight into driver behaviour

With a GPS tracking fleet management system it is simple to obtain an understanding of undesired driving habits such as extreme speeding and harsh acceleration and braking. By recognising any trends within your fleet, it will help you to train drivers on safer driving habits. This will decrease fuel expenditure, maintenance costs and the possibilities of a collision.

Shielding your fleet

Your business can prevail on top of all vehicle maintenance with a variety of alerts set up inside a GPS tracking fleet management system. Vehicles decrease less fuel and are more productive, reduce the risk of any unwanted repairs. Telemax is also connected with Fleetio using our API which sends essential information about each vehicle into their fleet maintenance software

Reduce fuel consumptionExcess fuel burning is severely damaging for a company and as well the environment. A GPS tracking fleet management system can provide fleets with the most efficient directions, saving time and reducing undesirable fuel costs. A fleet manager can also set reports to notify them if engines are left running or if employees are using their vehicles out of hours.

If your staff are going to drive a vehicle on a regular basis investing in vehicle trackers and GPS Tracking fleet management system will be well worth the investment.

To learn more about how the Telemax system can increase productivity across your fleet, contact Ash Phayer T: 07 3106 0100

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