Idling – Are you wasting fuel right now

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Idling, why do Australian drivers waste so much fuel each year, and how can we stop this occurring?

Idling it’s something we do a lot and we seem to be very good at it.  It seems that we can spend 25% of our time behind the wheel idling.  Running our Telemax idle reports shows just how much your fleet is sitting there burning fuel for no good reason. It’s like pouring money down a drain. It even shows you how much in a dollar figure it is costing you using your live local fuel prices.

Idling is to some degree a practice that we do automatically and we don’t really think too much about it. Reducing our idling can not only save us cash, but decreases considerably greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). Given the typical wear that occurs on the mechanical parts of your car when you start the ignition, it is more cost-effective to turn off your engine when you stop for more than 60 seconds (outside the flow of traffic) and to turn it back on when you are ready to move again. There are some estimations that claim the price of restarting your engine to be around $ 10.00 to $ 15.00 per year which compared to the cost of idling is very minimal.

Some good practices to reduce idling are the following
  • Switch off your ignition at a customer’s location.
  • Use Telemax Idle Report.
  • Keep note of your company fuel bills.
  • Don’t keep the vehicle running when unpacking.
  • Turn off your ignition while going through the car wash?
  • Turn off your truck when at building sites?
  • Waiting at red lights for more than 60 seconds, turn it off and back on when you are ready to go?

So we believe the bottom line is that if you expect that you will be idling for more than 60 seconds, other than when you are in traffic, it is best to shut your vehicle off and restart it when it’s time to go.

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