Speed – How much damage is it costing your company

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We see at Telemax many fleet managers face the hard challenge of proactively dealing with their drivers and speed but don’t want to come across as micro managing as their drivers feel that their every move is being watched. The reality is a company is responsible for the safe well being of their employees and as well the upkeep of their fleet. Something that seems to come up on many occasions is speeding, and how the best way to manage it.

Data released by the Department of Queensland Roads shows during the year 2014 compared with 2013 there was an increase with drivers involved in speeding. It also was shown that the majority of deaths (47%) occurred when the vehicle was driving at speeds between 100 – 110km. Of all fatalities speeding accounted for 29.1% which was the third highest below alcohol/drug related crashes (39.5%) and unrestrained vehicle occupants (35.3%).

Not only does reducing speeding saves lives but it also has instant benefits in the form of fuel savings and wear and tear on your fleet. Did you know that drivers who exceed the speed limit also are more likely accelerate heavily, and not only use more fuel due to their high speed, but are further increasing their fuel consumption and reducing the company profit. Also they are increasing the carbon emissions by their pattern of acceleration and deceleration. One study in Australia has found that driving on the open road highway, passenger cars and light trucks could use approximately up to 50% more fuel travelling at 120 km/h than at 88 km/h and emit 100% more carbon monoxide.

Fleet 3G Plug & Play Tracker
To help you do your job you need to have the right tools and Telemax has many options to take control of the situation quickly. In as little as 2 mins you can install one of our plug and play tracking devices which monitors your fleets speed in real-time and alerts you if your fleet goes over predefined speed limits.

Speed Zone Check
Combine this with our Australian speed road database that cross references each position to see if the vehicle is speeding at that exact location. Not only can you see the driver is speeding but the Telemax system will notify you of harsh acceleration and hard braking. Using our system creates a driver awareness tool which can help decrease your liability and increase your profits.

Cruise Speed Limiters
Telemax also can provide Cruise Limiters which is a speed limiter which ensures that the vehicle cannot exceed the chosen maximum speed. The function is activated by pressing the Limiter button when the desired speed is reached and deactivated by pressing the Cancel button or by pressing the accelerator for a couple of seconds. Under varying driving patterns (urban, highway, motorway, road works), maximum speed can be changed to suit current traffic conditions. Helping your drivers protect their driving license, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption, emissions, engine wear and the risk of accidents. With our Limiter, fuel consumption can be cut back by up to 37%, depending on driving style and route.


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