Fleet Reports

Driver Behaviour Report

Get a clear picture if your drivers are treating your fleet correctly. Late braking and harsh cornering is an unnecessary risk but also increases your fleets operating costs through maintenance and fuel consumption.

Geofence Reports

Know when a vehicle went in or out of the predefined area and how long they were there for. This is handy to work out how long staff were at a certain area or how many times they went there.

Speed Limit Reports

Every time the vehicle sends a location the speed of the vehicle is also sent, our system then checks what the legal speed limit is and flag's events where they are travelling higher than the legal limit. We also then work out the overall score for that vehicle to see how their driving performs over a period.

Fuel Usage Reports

We measure the average fuel consumption of each vehicle, the fuel price for that area and kilometres driven. We then are able to determine how much fuel was used and how much each trip costs.

Time Sheet Reports

Forget having paper copies of how long a staff member worked for. Using the Time Sheet Report you're able to see what time and address the vehicle started the journey. when they got there and how long they were on site.

Trips Reports

Know how many trips your fleet makes over the last 24 hours, week, month and see how this compares to the previous time.

Fleet Usage Reports

Some trucks and machinery have external equipment that is attached to them such as generators, pumps or sweepers. Using this report see the current engine hours, how long it was used for, what time and where.

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The Power of Partnership

Telemax and Telstra enable a solid coverage throughout Australia

Telemax works with Microsoft Azure to maintain first class SLAs across the globe and keep expanding our capabilities.

Thanks to being a Premium Google Enterprise service provider, we can offer mapping technologies others can't to give you real-time information that's easy to understand.