Precise Positions

Using the latest technology the Solar GPS Asset Tracker gets its location within meters.  The device uses a Ublox 6 GPS antenna,  local phone towers and Wifi connections to determine exactly where it is.

Large Battery

The Solar GPS Asset Tracker has a large battery which can send positions for many years without solar. Using the solar panel the device can recharge the battery throughout the day.

3G Telstra Network

The Solar GPS Asset Tracker sends its locations using the Telstra 3G network when within Australia. If your equipment was stolen and moved out of the country remote roaming can be activated to locate it if it turns up in another country.

Waterproof Case (IPX7)

With IPX7 this asset tracker can be placed under water for 30 mins under 1-meter water, so it's ready for whatever nature throws at it. Built into the housing is a strong magnet to hold it in place and a tough solar panel to keep it charged at all times.


Weighing in at less than 600g and with a dimension of 140mm x 55mm x 55mm this device can be placed in locations that are not obvious.

Tamper Switch

The Solar GPS Asset Tracker uses a large magnetic base to connect itself to your asset. Once in position, the trigger button is initiated and if the unit is removed an alert message is sent to you by SMS or email informing you that the device has been removed.


What happens if the Solar GPS Asset Tracker goes out of the Network?

If for any reason your asset and tracker go out of the phone network which it uses to get its positions back to the Telemax site it will store the locations where it has been. Once the Solar GPS Asset Tracker comes back into the phone network, it will send out its latest position as well as the stored locations. So you can still see where the unit has been.

What if my tracker can't see the sky how will get a location?

The Solar GPS Asset Tracker has three ways of attempting to get a location. The unit first looks for the GPS satellites in the sky,  it then looks for closest phone towers and as well as any WIFI routers that are in the area. This makes extremely powerful when you need to find something.

Will the Solar GPS Asset Tracker work when the sun is not shining?

The tracker is designed to operate in all conditions regardless if there is direct sunlight on the solar panel. The solar panel helps bring the internal battery back up to full charge. The device will still be capable of sending out positions.

Can I request a position from the Asset Tracker whenever I want?

Because the Solar GPS Asset Tracker doesn't have direct power connected to it needs to go to sleep to conserve power. Each time it sends a location it wakes up gets its position, sends the position and then goes back to sleep. So when the tracking unit is asleep, we can not get a real time position. 

The Solar GPS Asset Tracker has a  large battery and combined with a single crystal silicon solar panel. This asset tracking device is perfect for tracking assets that don't have a consent power supply. The GPS asset tracker is 14 cm in length and weighs in at less than 600g. The 3G tracker combined with Wifi detection will work in the toughest of environments as its contained in a robust IPX7 casing. The tracker is designed to operate with our Telemax fleet management system to give you the complete snapshot of where your assets are at any point in time. Applications of use are truck trailers, shipping containers, heavy equipment or anything of value that may not need the use of live tracking or have the power source to provide it.